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General Information about Cape Town:

Cape Town is Africa´s creative and lifestyle capital and was a proud host city for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup! Cradled by mountains and fringed by the oceans, the “Mother City” offers breathtaking landscape and is a melting pot of cultures and a fascinating history. Its rich cultural and architectural heritage with people from all over the world adds a special quality to this fascinating, diverse city.

The weather in Cape Town is the other way round than in Europe, which means the warmest months are January and February, while June and July are rather cold. Approximately 3,5 Million people are living in Cape Town right now, representing many different ethnic groups. See below for details:

Moreover Cape Town is after Johannesburg the second biggest city in South Africa. Beneath the different races that can be found in CT, there also exists a huge variety of languages. While English is the most common language, you can also understand Afrikaans and Xhosa while walking through the center of this multicultural city.
The reason why Cape Town is so popular and attractive to all kind of people is that every lifestyle fits in this city. Party people as well as nature lovers will find their expectations fulfilled when visiting Kaapstad as it is called in Afrikaans. 

In general Cape Town is a safe and friendly place but like in every big city there are also some points that you should obey to guarantee a joyful stay in South Africa. Although the Capetonians are famous for their friendliness, the crime rate is still pretty high in Cape Town. Most of these incidents take place in the townships so there is no need to be terrified. Just keep in mind some simple rules:

• Lock the doors of your car
• Do not carry too much money
• Do not walk alone in the dark at lonesome places
• Take care of your belongings, such as camera, cell or expensive jewellery

By keeping these rules in mind you will reduce the risk monumentally. But nevertheless it is a better advice to not be frightened but watchful. Like this you will be able to prevent strange situations and enjoy your stay in Cape Town without any negative incidents.

Although the transport situation of Cape Town ameliorated a lot since the World Cup took place, it is still not on a convenient level. There are only a few buses running through the city and the mini busses that are the cheapest way to travel have no fixed timetable. Therefore we recommend to rent a car to get around in the city. We know a lot of different car rental companies and will assist you with finding a car that fits your requirements.


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